Enable any data collection process

What is it?

Designed to be simple and easy to use, inBound™ forms enable rapid data collection or presentation for any process. It's cloud-based so your forms and data travel with you and are never more than an internet connection away.  

- download CSV data from cloud

- sync or import data to CRM, BI or ERP

- launch forms or apps within forms

- capture image and map info by record

- designed to work off-line

- create graphical iPhone or iPad forms

- use and share forms with others

- collect CSV data and sync with cloud

- email forms or share on social media

- start from a template or create new

How does it work?

Designer creates custom form on iPad or iPhone and stores it in the cloud.

Requested forms are downloaded from the cloud for user and stored locally on iOS device for on-line / off-line use.

User interacts with form, enters data that is captured as a CSV data record.

(signature and images files stored separately.)

User has the choice of sending completed form or CSV record data via email or back to the cloud for collaboration access.  Social sharing is optional.

If needed, CSV data in the cloud can be synced with enterprise systems for data analytics, reporting or archiving.






What does it have?

Where do I start?

Numerous design objects allows you to build any kind of form you want.

Embedded design tool allows quick creation / editing of your forms.

Multiple options for defining form type and where the collected data goes in the cloud.

All Objects

Download inBound™ and start designing your own forms or search for something you are interested in to see if it's already there.

Form summary information includes timeline of activity, who's following and form details.

Easy access to share, email or print forms and data.

When connected, secure upload syncs your data with the cloud.