Immedate results for one question

What is it?

Find out what's trending and hot!

Create a quick iPad or iPhone poll to share with your friends letting them drive the answer.

Statistics are shown in real-time making this a powerful social media tool.

- view voting results immedately

- analize data for quick decision

- collect unlimited results

- set poll time expirations

- scan QR codes to access polls

- create graphical iPhone or iPad polls

- use and share polls with others

- collect votes in the cloud

- email poll or share on social media

- start from a template or create new

How does it work?

Designer creates custom poll on iPad or iPhone and stores it in the cloud.

Requested polls are downloaded from the cloud for user to use via location or QR barcode scan.

User votes on poll choices then sumbits the results to the cloud.

Immedate results are shown to all voters and user has choice to send poll to others socially.

When the poll has expired, the poll owner can download / view the data from the cloud for own analysis.






What does it have?

Where do I start?

Multiple poll types allow you to collect the type of answer you need quickly.

Embedded design tool allows quick creation / editing of your polls.

Real-time analytics allow voters to see results immedately.

Download inBound™ and start designing your own polls or search for something trendy to cast your own vote.