Reward those providing feedback

What is it?

Create a simple, rapid response iPad or iPhone survey with all feedback coming directly to you.

Enable cloud-based rewards to keep them coming back.

- download CSV data from cloud

- analize data for business impact

- create cloud-based rewards by survey

- set survey / reward time expirations

- scan QR codes to access surveys

- create graphical iPhone or iPad surveys

- use and share surveys with others

- collect CSV data and sync with cloud

- email surveys or share on social media

- start from a template or create new

How does it work?

Designer creates custom survey on iPad or iPhone and stores it in the cloud.

Requested surveys are downloaded from the cloud for user to use via location or QR barcode scan.

User enters answers on survey then sumbits the results to the cloud.

If cloud-based rewards are enabled on the survey, as soon as the user shares that the survey was taken, they are presented a reward for immediate use.

When all survey results are in, the survey owner can download / view the data from the cloud for own analysis and overall experience.






What does it have?

Where do I start?

Numerous design objects allows you to build any kind of survey you want.

Embedded design tool allows quick creation / editing of your surveys.

Defining survey details enables feedback location for cloud-based rewards.

All Objects

Download inBound™ and start designing your own surveys or search for something you are interested in to see if it's already there.