Small business data collection & analytics solution.

What is it?

inBound Connect™ is a revolutionary way for organizations to present, collect, and share information on-the-go via any iOS device. inBound Connect™ is cloud-based, so you are never without your data. No internet available? No problem! It also works off-line due to our proprietary local caching techniques.

How does it work?

inBound Connect™ comes with a Standard or Premium Subscription.

Depending on choice you get the following:

✓  Access to professionally made Templates

✓  Hundreds of local images

✓  Built in Location Tracking

✓  Access to Apple's HealthKit

✓  Video playback

✓  Sharing Social, Print, Email, Messenger

✓  5 Unique Poll Types

✓  25+ Customizable Form Objects

✓  Embedded Barcode / QR Code Reader

✓  Advanced Data Filtering

✓  Internal Messaging

✓  Bulk Downloading

✓  Specific Form Dashboard Metrics

✓  Global Maps with Weather/Rainfall

✓  Asset Management w/ Beacon Monitoring

✓  Advanced Variables Conditions/Formulas

✓  Built in Form and Poll Designer

What can I do?

Why do I need it?

Whether you are conducting an online Poll, taking a Survey, evaluating Feedback, collecting Form process data, or making a Presentation, inBound Connect™ is the right tool for you!

inBound Connect™ has the following features and much more.

✓  Go Green - streamline and eliminate paper-based forms processes

✓  Off-line Capabilities

✓  Incredibly Fast Data Collection

✓  Increase Quality

✓  Engage Customers

✓  Deploy New Forms Easily

✓  Quickly Change Form Data in Cloud and Deploy

✓  Share Form / Survey Results on Social Networks

✓  Cloud Based. Immediately view results with team

✓  Asset Tracking

✓  Presentation

✓  Storyboards

✓  Timeline History

✓  Team Explorer

inBound Connect™ was designed with the user in mind. The ability to tab to the next field in the form, makes inBound Connect™ a rapid data entry and capture tool. The efficiency of the user is perfected since the work is happening in ‘real-time’. There is no switching between screens, waiting for the form to load, or to be saved. When the data is saved, the form creates a data record. From this point, the user can add, duplicate, tab between or delete additional records. With the location and Map feature, inBound Connect™ captures the actual location of where the data was recorded – ideal for validating the accuracy of the data.

We've got built in location tracking which can notify you if a place of interest would like your feedback on goods and services. Surveys that are nearest to the area you are traveling appear at the top of your library making it easy to see what others around you are creating. Data is stored in the Cloud and accessible to everyone on your team immediately.

Information can be taken to remote areas and data is saved locally until synced when online. If you are already online it is automatically saved to the cloud.

inBound Connect™ allows for video playback and data tracking for videos played. The ability to track when, where and duration of the video provides key data to those who need to track what videos are watched.