Numerous industries are finding value and success with inBound™ as a branded enterprise app platform.


$3B Agriculture Chemical Co.

One of our national Ag Chemical clients has seen value with a custom version of inBound™ by deploying it to their Sales Force (600+ users) as a way to showcase product related marketing brochures, videos and run sales calculators for their and OEM products off-line and in rural areas. They track which customers have seen the materials and then get reimbursed from the product OEMs.

This solution has generated more than $1 million in additional referral / sales revenue in the last year alone.

They are developing similar apps for their Supplier base off of the same technical app solution using inBound™.



International Explosion Protection Mfg Co.

This company chose inBound™ as the platform to develop a company specific iPad app designed to enable Engineering staff out in the field the ability to collect customer specific design data and transfer that product design data to their private cloud so Engineering staff back at corporate can access it in real-time saving time and money.

This solution has also enabled the Sales staff to showcase product protection and explosion videos as well as track / capture leads at trade shows.


Construction / Mech Engineering

Mechanical Contracting Co.

This company uses inBound™ as the platform for their company iPad / iPhone app.  Because most contracting jobs take place at the client locations, this company needed a way to track daily processes like productivity, schedule, job set-up check-lists, daily reports, etc.

This solution also provides a portal into their HR systems to track HR processes like vacation, employee time off, etc.


Medical / Hospitals

National Children's Hospital

A national Children’s hospital chose inBound™ as a cost effective, HIPAA & HiTech compliant platform on which to build their custom clinical trial research and knowledge sharing app.

With this app and government grant funding, the pilot project is to collect daily food intake (from USDA food database) recordings of pregnant woman to better understand the correlation with types of food and pregnancy complications.  

Other departments within the hospital are brainstorming ways they can use it to enable solutions for their processes.



Flexible Package Printing Co.

This company uses inBound™ as the platform for collecting service call issues directly from their clients.  Those issues get collected and sent via a filled out PDF form to the company executives for immedate issue resolution.

They also take advantage of the image capture capability where they can take direct images of any product / service issue and associate it with the client / record issue itself enabling a secure cloud to store those images for later auditing purposes.


Health / Wellness Clinics

National Wellness Participation Co.

A national wellness consulting company chose inBound™ as a cost effective, HIPAA & HiTech compliant platform on which to build their Enterprise Flu Shot and Health Screening apps.

This enables them to perform on-site clinics at various locations which helps collect the patient health information more accurately with the intent of reducing record error kick-backs from the claims payment processors.  

They can also use the integrated magnetic stripe card reader or bar-code scanner to auto-fill patient information or collect on-site payments if they don't have insurance.


Sample processes enabled by inBound™

With the ability to enhance productivity across many industries, we have industry specific process examples being enabled by inBound™. 

Check out the industry brochures below to see if we can help enable some of your similar Enterprise processes too.

Eng / Manufacturing



Multi-Service Contracting Co.

This company uses inBound™ as the platform for running the entire contracting project processes all via the app.

They take advantage of managing each project type (painting, flooring, roofing, etc) with project specific subprocesses like estimating, project management, work orders, invoicing, etc all tied to each customer project information.

They have taken the paper out of the contracting processes and can deliver project specific information to each customer in real-time.




Health / Medical