inBound™ consumer solutions for everyone.

A new and exciting way to learn, educate and play!

Parents can build and share educational games with their kids.



Parents can create interactive, educational forms and games then share them with others.

Design surveys to collect data that's important to you and your family then access that data in your private cloud.

Create a quick poll to find out what's hot and trending with your kids and other parents.

Search and follow others to find out what they are creating to use.

Track all of your kids' activities in one place and send them messages if you need to.

Remember your favorite educational game as a kid?  Well now you can build it inside of inBound Kids™ and share it with your son or daughter!


Designed for parents and children, inBound Kids™ is today’s mobile learning platform.  With over twenty different design objects, upgrading to designer allows parents to be innovative with what they want to create and share.  As the inBound Kids™ community grows, more educational forms / games will be available to kids to use and share.

inBound Kids™ comes with these sample educational forms / games with more being added daily:

- Learn ABCs - touch the letter to display letter example image

- Farm Animal Sounds - touch the animal to hear it’s sound

- My Artwork - draw your own picture and save it!

- Learn 1-2-3s - touch the number to hear it

- Learn Colors - touch the color to hear it

- USA Map & States - touch the state to learn about it and print it out to color it

- Map of the World - touch the continent to hear what it is

- Bully Horn - Tell Somebody! - cloud-based data collection tool to inform parents of any problems

- Telling Time - drag the clock numbers into the right order on the clock

- Food Groups - drag the food onto the right part of the Food Pyramid

inBound Kids™ also comes with the ability to:

- Design your own quick Polls for kids or parents to take, with results displayed in real time for all to see

- Create data collection forms / surveys to analyze collected data stored in your private cloud (child tests, training, etc)

- Search and follow other community users to see what they have created for everyone to use

- Monitor your kids app usage with Timeline activity tracking and send messages to them if needed

- Share what you have created for use with others via QR, text, email or social networks (Facebook / Twitter / etc.)

If you are on the road or on the go…no need to worry.  inBound Kids™ is cloud-based so you are never more than an internet connection away from your favorite educational forms / games.  It’s also designed to work off-line if no connection is available so the kids can continue to play and learn.

inBound Kids™ is a revolutionary new educational app platform.  Show us how creative you can be and join the

inBound Kids™ community today to get started!